The Train journey

  1. My first time alone traval






  3. AMTK 42 (the Salutes Our Veterans unit) led the southbound Texas Eagle (#21) on May 13, 2016. While filming at Dallas Union Station, I also caught a UP manifest, several DART trains, and a TRE train. Enjoy! National Train Day was started by Amtrak in 2008 to spread information to the public on the advantages of rail travel. The event is held each year on the closest Saturday to May 10th, which marks the date that the Golden Spike was pounded in at Promontory, Utah to complete the first transcontinental railroad. Check out my website: Thanks for watching, and happy National Train Day!






  5. Mining Action Excavator, Track Loader, and Train [RC Machine Action] Mining Action Excavator, Track Loader, and Train [RC Machine Action] Mining Action Excavator, Track Loader, and Train [RC Machine Action] Welcome to my Channel “RC Machine Action”. You can show all kinds of radio controlled ACTION, especially construction machinery like dump trucks, tractor, crane, dozer, wheel loaders, excavators, fork lifts, digger, road roller, and more. Thanks for wathcing if you like the videos, Please leave a COMMENT, LIKE And, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE – it’s for free! Greetings Related Video : Mining TRUCK HE – 0808 Demonstration Action [RC Machine Action] Tracked Dumper By Two PF XI 4[RC Machine Action]






  7. Sorry I didn’t do it directly






  9. Today we expand the downtown in Verburg! ⬇ More Info Down Below ⬇ ► Twitter: Thanks for watching! 😀 //Tazer



















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Tis the Season for Formal Events

I used to laugh at all of the other parents over the years because they had to prepare for their kids to go to prom. My daughter was much younger than theirs, so I had years to go before I had to deal with something like that. This year, my daughter has finally reached that age, and she really wants to go to her first prom. Before doing anything else, I selected a limo driver for her. She’s already been talking about going to the mall to try on different dresses. I get bored out of my mind watching her and my wife try on normal clothes at the mall, so I know watching her try on dresses won’t be a piece of cake.

My daughter hasn’t decided who she’s going to the prom with, but she’s told me that she’s already gotten some offers from a few of the kids at school. As a father, it’s normal for me to get a little protective of my daughter, but I promised her that I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her or her date, whoever that may be. I did tell her that she has a curfew, and not to do anything that my wife and I wouldn’t do.

My first prom experience was easy for me, but for my parents it was probably almost as difficult as mine. I just went to a mall and picked out a tux, and my parents rented the limo. They had to pay for both, and we weren’t exactly rich back then, so I imagine they had to put in a little more work just to have the money for that. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices for me over the years, some of which I probably don’t know about, I’m thankful that they did so much for me.

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Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Pre-order the new album THE GETAWAY, coming June 17th, for an instant download of “Dark Necessities”

Connect with Red Hot Chili Peppers:




A number Outstanding red Portraits

  1. Red
    Photo fromSunny_mjx




  3. Red
    Photo fromaftab.
    Taken in Canberra, Australia




  5. Red
    Photo fromFrancesca Cappa
    Roses are perennial plants of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. There are over 100 species. They form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing or trailing plants, with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. Flowers are large and showy, in a number of colours from white through yellows and reds. Most species are native to Asia, with smaller numbers native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Species, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature roses, to climbers that can reach 7 meters in height. Species from different parts of the world easily hybridize, which has given rise to the many types of garden roses.




  7. red
    Photo fromTijen Erol




  9. red rose (EXPLORE)
    Photo fromVisha~~AWAY..VERY BUSY
    I was in a very pensive state today.
    I was thinking about my life, where its going and where I want it to go. So many difficult choices that you have to make.
    Im very happy where I am now.
    Everyday is an experiance that helps you grow and become stronger.

    I thank God for all the good things and the bad things in my life. They have made me what I am today….

    Thank you all so much for leaving me some really incouraging comments and mail. I really appreciate it. I try to go to all my contacts photostreams and if I havent done so, I’ll be there soon :)

    Have a great day my friends.




  11. red
    Photo fromEugen Naiman
    Another image taken at the Botanical Garden.




  13. Red
    Photo fromahisgett




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Minecraft OP Prison – A New Life?! E1

  1. Server Ip –

    Hey guys whats up and welcome back to another video of Minecraft and today were in jail! But hope you guys enjoy this video and we’ll see you guys later! BYE!!!

    My PvP Texture Pack!







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  5. Provided to YouTube by IDOL

    Le gardien de prison · Les Compagnons de la Chanson

    Nos jeunes années

    ℗ Marianne Melodie

    Released on: 2005-01-01

    Composer: M. Philippe Gérard
    Composer: R. Rouzaud

    Auto-generated by YouTube.







  7. ♦Esperamos que gostem do video✌

    ▶Canal dos maninhos gamers –

    ▶Canal do lostx –

    ♦Download do escaping the prison –

    ♦Meu celular – LG PRIME plus
    ♦Meu gravador – SCR







  9. Prison #15. music:Nightcore Centuries and Nightcore The Phonix 1!








  11. min skype:blueangel rydahl
    minecraft navn:DenDanskeGamerYT





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I Needed Termites out of My House

When I bought a house, I knew that I was going to have to do a lot of work to it. I got it at a great price because it was being sold as-is, which meant it is a fixer upper. I was not planning on living there myself. It was just my first voyage into flipping houses, something that had interested me for a while now. After purchasing it, I knew that I was going to need to hire a company that handles termite removal. While there was not significant damage from termites, I knew that there was enough to warrant having a professional come out and treat the house.

I knew that the structural damage was minor, but it would not stay that way if I did not do something about it. That is why I went online and did a search for exterminators that handle the removal of termites. I found Extermination Montreal Max and was able to get a free quote right there on the website. Pleased with the numbers, I scheduled an appointment so they could come work their magic on the house I had bought.

I had already read on their website where they have different treatment plans, depending on the amount of damage and what I wanted them to do. Since they are the experts, I left it to them. The exterminator suggested that we try the bate stations first, since the damage was not severe. He did not feel that there was a huge termite infestation at the house. He figured that the bate stations would be sufficient, and he was right. He gave me some information about termites, and it made me even happier to know that he made it so they would no longer harm the house I had bought with their destruvtive habits.

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Consulting Ecommerce Software Professionals Before Closing an Internet Business

We were wondering what we could do to speed up Magento to help improve completed sales. There should not be a hitch anywhere in a website from viewing the products to pressing the button to complete a credit card transaction. We were keeping a web business going, and we needed to tweak some things to maintain its profitability. We had to get the ecommerce Magento to run faster, but we also had to downgrade to smaller servers. The overhead was just too much to keep the business profitable.

We found a company that not only knows how to speed up Magento, they can also do it if you are downgrading to smaller servers. This is exactly what we needed. This is what helped us get the web business back operating in the black. We got the ecommerce software to function better even though we changed servers. Saving money on the servers and speeding up the Magento got us to where we needed to be in the next quarter for profits.

In business, margins can be slim. This is true of brick and mortar as well as online businesses. Sometimes, all it takes to tweak profits is to consult experts in the targeted areas of your business that need fixing. We did not need to scrap the online business or spend money we did not have to try an experiment to see if it would work. We targeted the slow online cash register issues we were experiencing with the site, and we migrated to smaller servers too. We never thought in a million years that one company could pull off both things. It is intuitive to think you need bigger and faster servers if you are having an ecommerce speed problem. Not the other way around. Again, that is why it is important to consult professionals.

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Started to Set Up a Couple of Web Pages

I have just started my new job and it is going fairly well so far, although I think the boss believes that I can work magic after talking to him. He wanted to set up a couple of web pages, but he seems to think that is the end of things. Of course I had to tell him that we either had to hire someone who does cheap server management for us, or we had to buy a server and manage it for ourselves. It is not something that happens on it, but he apparently did not think about that. It was not surprising since he is a pretty old man and clearly has no clue about how the details of this sort of thing work. Of course a lot of people just expect the web to work when they plug it in, but you have to have all sorts of infrastructure that has to be in the background to make sure that the web is there when you need it.

In fact I was really lucky to get this job, since I am lacking in experience and I have only been out of college for a few months. I had another job first, but it was less than what I wanted. In fact they were paying me to do a lot less than I was trained to do and they were not paying me the sort of money that I wanted to get. In fact that happens to a lot of recent graduates and they just have to accept it. I kept looking for the sort of job that I was hoping for and this one really looks like it could work out great for me. It is not possible for me to be a lot happier than I am to have lucked into it.

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