Going to Dump Cable This Time

I have been looking to switch Direct TV ever since I got my last cable bill. In fact I nearly had an embolism when I saw what they had done. They bumped it up about thirty five dollars and fifty cents and I did not do anything to justify it. I have already complained to them several times and gotten them to cut back to a more reasonable rate, but every time they eventually start price gouging again. Of course I get cable and internet from the cable company now, so I need to get a Direct TV internet bundles or otherwise replace the internet service in some way. Of course I am not that unhappy with the service that I get from the cable company. The TV works fine and I get most of the channels that I want. The internet is quite fast and reliable, but it simply is not worth more than half of what they expect you to pay. I have not decided what I am going to do. The first step is to determine whether or not it is a practical idea or not. You have to have a clear line of sight to a certain part of the sky, the part where the satellite is orbiting over the same spot above the Earth in something called a geosynchronous orbit. If you have a bunch of trees in between you and that part of the sky you are either out of luck or you have to cut down some trees. However in my case I live next to land owned by other people which is completely forested. Both of the lots beside me are own by the persons in the next lot. They each bought them to prevent other people from putting a house on them.

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