Started to Set Up a Couple of Web Pages

I have just started my new job and it is going fairly well so far, although I think the boss believes that I can work magic after talking to him. He wanted to set up a couple of web pages, but he seems to think that is the end of things. Of course I had to tell him that we either had to hire someone who does cheap server management for us, or we had to buy a server and manage it for ourselves. It is not something that happens on it, but he apparently did not think about that. It was not surprising since he is a pretty old man and clearly has no clue about how the details of this sort of thing work. Of course a lot of people just expect the web to work when they plug it in, but you have to have all sorts of infrastructure that has to be in the background to make sure that the web is there when you need it.

In fact I was really lucky to get this job, since I am lacking in experience and I have only been out of college for a few months. I had another job first, but it was less than what I wanted. In fact they were paying me to do a lot less than I was trained to do and they were not paying me the sort of money that I wanted to get. In fact that happens to a lot of recent graduates and they just have to accept it. I kept looking for the sort of job that I was hoping for and this one really looks like it could work out great for me. It is not possible for me to be a lot happier than I am to have lucked into it.

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