Climbing Up the Twitch Ladder

When I first started out as a streamer on Twitch, I had only one viewer, and that was myself. I was streaming all of the same games as the other streamers, but no one else was coming to my channel. I had to do something to get my viewer numbers up. I tried promoting my stream in other streamers channels, but they didn’t like that too much. I tried using social networks, but that didn’t help much either. The only thing that actually gave me any results was deciding to buy twitch views.

Buying viewers helped me to get my channel featured on the front page of Twitch. When a channel is featured on the front page, all of the other viewers can see what game is being played more easily. This brought more viewers to my channel who wanted to see what I was doing. My numbers while featured where in the thousands. I gained a lot of followers that day, and the next time I streamed, a large number of those followers came back to my channel. The numbers were a little less since I wasn’t being featured at the time, but I had established a loyal fan base that would keep coming back to my channel, and that was better than nothing.

Of course, that time that I became featured wasn’t the only time. A few days later, I was featured again, and my number climbed to twice as much as what I had before. I had quickly worked my way up the Twitch ranks to become one of the most popular streamers on the website. I was making money from ad revenue and from subscriptions, which I was able to get because of my high number of viewers. Whenever someone thinks of Twitch, they think of my channel.

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