Custom Shower Doors in Somerset NJ

We were having a large tile shower area custom made for our bathroom upstairs. We eliminated the third small bedroom next to the master bedroom. Part of it became an addition to the master bath, and the other part became a walk-in closet and storage space. Our shower was made to be big. It has multiple shower heads to enjoy a rainfall or waterfall shower. We needed a custom door to fit it, and we wanted it to be glass to keep the open feel. We used a company that sells shower doors in Somerset County NJ to build it. There was nothing in the home stores that we could use to fill in the large front opening.

Part of our shower front now is a glass wall. The glass is very clear. Some shower glass has tinting to take away from the look of your tile. The glass has an etched design that blends in with the shower decor. It was very tastefully done. The door itself opens and closes with ease and does not make any noise. Even with all of the shower heads running, no water gets out onto the tile outside of the shower. Good design. Even the hardware that holds the glass and door in place is unobtrusive. They did such a good job on the door that we had them do the mirrors too. We have two full length mirrors in the bathroom. It has dual granite vanities with mirrors over the sinks that extend to full length at the right side so you can check your look after getting dressed.

The company we chose that does shower doors in Somerset County NJ also does commercial glass. So, they have plenty of experience working with glass and mirrors of all shapes and sizes. It is so much better than the off-the-shelf stuff you find in the home stores.

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