Quicken Has Eliminated My Non-sufficient Fund Fees

I have never been good at keeping my finances straight. Well, I should not say never, because I am doing better than ever now. It took getting Quicken 2016 to do that though. I used to forget to put receipts in my notebook that I kept track of my transactions in, and I would end up bouncing checks because of it. You would think that the pain of paying such exorbitant insufficient funds fees would have made it so I would be more responsible, but that did not happen until I started using Quicken.

My father is the one who suggested I start using Quicken. He even purchased the Starter Addition for me and showed me how to use it. He has been using Quicken for as long as I can remember, and he has never had a problem with it. The only reason I didn’t start using it earlier was because I thought it was harder than it actually is. Now that I am using it to keep track of my banking accounts as well as my credit card accounts, I feel kind of silly for not trying it before because it would have saved me not only a lot of aggravation but some money as well!

My dad installed it on my computer and got my accounts set up on it. He wanted me to do all of that, but I was worried about messing it up. Though he did protest, he finally set everything up for me, then he showed me how to do it. The nicest thing initially about it was not having to do the math myself, and how nice and organized everything was. Since my dad installed Quicken on my computer, I am not having any more problems with my bank accounts. It’s really nice not having to pay the bank anymore for my own mistakes!

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