Tis the Season for Formal Events

I used to laugh at all of the other parents over the years because they had to prepare for their kids to go to prom. My daughter was much younger than theirs, so I had years to go before I had to deal with something like that. This year, my daughter has finally reached that age, and she really wants to go to her first prom. Before doing anything else, I selected a limo driver for her. She’s already been talking about going to the mall to try on different dresses. I get bored out of my mind watching her and my wife try on normal clothes at the mall, so I know watching her try on dresses won’t be a piece of cake.

My daughter hasn’t decided who she’s going to the prom with, but she’s told me that she’s already gotten some offers from a few of the kids at school. As a father, it’s normal for me to get a little protective of my daughter, but I promised her that I wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her or her date, whoever that may be. I did tell her that she has a curfew, and not to do anything that my wife and I wouldn’t do.

My first prom experience was easy for me, but for my parents it was probably almost as difficult as mine. I just went to a mall and picked out a tux, and my parents rented the limo. They had to pay for both, and we weren’t exactly rich back then, so I imagine they had to put in a little more work just to have the money for that. They’ve made a lot of sacrifices for me over the years, some of which I probably don’t know about, I’m thankful that they did so much for me.

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